Cover Reveal & Exclusive Excerpt!

Wicked Rejection (Predators & Prey Book One): A Dark Rejected Mates Reverse Harem Romance

Isn’t the cover stunning?! I am super excited about this upcoming series. If you like strong heroines and seductive, possessive alphas, this is for you. The series contains high heat and dark themes that are for mature adults only. 18+. Check out the blurb and an exclusive (unedited) excerpt below!
The alpha chose me as his mate. Then he tried sacrificing me to the shifter gods.
On the night of my claiming, I’m betrayed by my pack in the most horrific way possible. Left for dead by those I trusted, my only hope for survival is to strike a deal with the most feared alpha in the Shadowlands.
The only problem is, Killian hates me as much as I hate him, and I did try to kill him.
Fuelled by our resentment for each other, the passion that burns between us lights a fire in me others have tried to extinguish. Now the clock is ticking and I have a life-altering decision to make by the next full moon…
Become Killian’s mate or remain his prisoner forever.
He might be the predator in this world but I will never be the prey. He, and the other two wolves who seek to claim me, are about to find out.
Predators & Prey is a dark reverse harem romance series for 18+.

Exclusive Excerpt

“The next full moon, I’m going to f*ck you right here on this altar. I will claim you as my mate. You’ll be mine and only mine. Agree to this and there is no way out.”
She raises her head and looks me in the eye. Brave for a female, and fuck if it doesn’t make me want to claim her here and now.
“I’m not looking for a way out,” she whispers. “Claim me. Do whatever you want. Just stay true to your word and help destroy my alpha for what he did to me.”
I close the distance between us, then when I am within reach, I tilt her jaw so she cannot avoid my gaze. 
“I’m your alpha now, little mate.”