Dark Fae Academy

Shadowborn Academy

Shadowborn Academy is a Dark Reverse Harem Paranormal Fae Romance for 18+. In this world, not even the shadows can be trusted…

Year One

The darkness likes to play in this world.

It also likes to deceive.

In the Enchanted Forest, secrets thrive and one girl desperately needs to find answers before it’s too late.
That girl is Corvina Charles, a powerful Shadowborn—a human who touched dark magic and became something else.
Something dangerous.
At the age of eighteen, Corvina and her best friend are swept away to the Shadowborn Academy, the one place where magic and darkness coincide.
It’s also where pupils go missing, teachers don’t play by any rules, the therapist is hot, and boys with dark magic love to seduce your soul.
With death becoming a game at the academy that not even the Dark or Light Fae seem capable of winning, my love life should really be the last thing on my mind…especially when one of the boys just so happens to be my teacher!


Year Two

My past is left in the dark,
And my shadow is no longer there.
In the Enchanted Forest, some secrets are better left in the past.
Year two at Shadowborn Academy is looking like it will be the deadliest yet.
With both the dark and light court claiming their princess, Corvina has to find a way to deal with royal fae, academy life, the tryouts, a very complicated love life, and new wings that she can’t control.
Shadowborn Academy has never had a fae princess before...and by the end of the year they might wish they never did.
Will Corvina and her friends find a way to survive?



Year Three

My fate is in the darkness,
And the war there is real…
Secrets thrive in the Enchanted Forest and one girl must find a way to stop the fae war before it’s too late.
With her sister raising titans and gods, the light in her dreams turning out to be a lie, and her men in grave danger...life at the academy has never been this dangerous.
A mirror once spoke of a girl born in hate who could stop a war. But does that girl stand a chance against the power of the fae?




Everafter Academy

Everafter Academy

Even Villains Deserve Happily Ever Afters...

Book 1: Once Upon a Wolf

When the Big Bad Wolf and his pack of witch hunters murdered my family, I made a deal with the Devil in exchange for revenge.
Giving him my soul was the easy part.
Surviving Everafter Academy, the school for 'good' fairy tale creatures, now that deserves a medal.
I'm not the Red Riding Hood they all think I am, but I'm here to prove that even villains deserve a happy ending.
"Once Upon a Wolf" is a dark reverse harem bully romance intended for mature audiences.

Book 2: Once Upon a Witch

Fortune favors the wicked.
It also favors those who are willing to play dirty to get what they want, and I want revenge.

Unfortunately, students from Nevermore have come to Everafter to celebrate the Festival of Light. Two rival academies, a week of magical duels, and the Samhain Masque Ball on All Hallow’s Eve. What could possibly go wrong?

"Once Upon a Witch" is a reverse harem bully romance intended for mature audiences.

Book 3: Once Upon a Devil

No rest for the damned.
With the Festival of Light now over, Satanalia at the Church of Shadows is upon us.
Now it’s time to face the music and my cruel covenmaster for a punishment that may leave me broken… if it leaves me alive at all. Lucifer said he has plans for me? I just hope I live to find out what they are.
"Once Upon a Devil" is a reverse harem bully romance intended for mature audiences.

Beauty's Wolves: A Dark Beauty & The Beast Everafter Academy Standalone

Not all princes are noble.
Some of them are beasts.

Beauty is the alpha of the Penny Royal pack, and her beta wolf is dying. It’s up to her to find a cure. Her quest is interrupted by a pack of dire wolves with a quest of their own.

Three handsome brothers, cursed and suffering, have been waiting for someone who can break the curse they’ve lived under for a hundred years. They’re convinced that Beauty is going to cure them, whether she wants to or not.
They think she’s their fated Mate. She thinks she’s their prisoner.
Maybe she’s both.
Beauty's Wolves is a Dark Reverse Harem Romance novella based in the world of Everafter Academy. You do not need to read that series in order to enjoy this novella.