Shadowborn Royals

The light is my prison…and I can’t escape.

I’m Izora Dawn and this is the second prison I find myself locked in for something I didn’t do.

Only this prison is worse and far more dangerous.

Beyond the prison walls, the fae world is at war and nothing I can do will stop it. I may come from the light, but to win this war, to keep my family and lovers safe, I will embrace the darkness.

Shadowborn Royals is a crossover spin-off to Shadowborn Academy. You do not need to read the latter to follow this series. One thing is for sure—not even the shadows can be trusted in this Enchanted Forest…
18+ Reverse Harem Dark Fae Prison Romance

Shadowborn Prison

Shadowborn Prison

I’m Izora Dawn, and I’ve been locked away for something I didn’t do. But that’s what they all say, right?
When rumoured only the dangerous survive Shadowborn Prison, I know I have no choice but to fight for my life. Luckily my short time at Shadowborn Academy, home to those with dark magic seducing their souls, has taught me how to do just that.

Survival is what I’m known for in this world.
Seduction is what I’m best at.

I figure the quickest way to escape this prison is by seducing the sexy new governor. With a handsome Shadow Warden watching my every move, an alpha inmate eager to protect me, and a hunky teacher from the academy desperate to free me…I might actually get out of this alive.

But in the shadows lie secrets that hold the walls of this prison together.
And no one can escape them.
Not even me.

Shadowborn Queen

The throne is my fate…and I can’t escape.
I’m Izora Dawn and I’m finally free from the prisons I was stuck in. Except for a tiny problem: The Enchanted Forest is at war, the Shadowborn Academy is nearly destroyed and I have to stop the titans before they destroy the world and take the last of my family with them.
Turns out the outside world is far more dangerous than any prison could be.
With my mates at my side, I will find the Titan keys and end their destruction for good. I can't fail, my sisters need me and so do the light fae...or what is left of them.
And royal fae never give up.

Alien Warrior Academy

I'm a trained killer who's finally met my match

A Four-Book Series, 18+

Book 4: Ruthless

I’m an assassin who’s finally met my match.
If only he wasn’t such a jerk.
All I want is to be part of the elite taskforce that will defeat our enemy once and for all. The problem? Daryx is the one overseeing the training for the mission.
Some days I’m not sure if I want to stab or kiss him, especially when the silver fox tells me how much he believes in me.
That does something to a girl’s ego.
Now we’re fighting to bring down our enemy, but my feelings are getting in the way. Can I do my job if it means sacrificing him? Or will we both perish because my heart chooses him over logic?

Academy for Villains

Everyone Loves to Sin but Only the Villains Embrace It

Academy for Villains is a Hades/Persephone retelling with a Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance twist featuring various kinds of mythology in a reform school setting. 18+.

Book 1: Villainous Hearts

After turning a jerk’s manhood into stone, Zara is sent to the Academy for Villains—a place where troublemakers must atone for their sin or risk burning in the Underworld forever. It’s also where Hades claims she's his reincarnated wife, bad boy Loki of Asgard is determined to seduce her, and the Prince of Darkness wants to turn her into his new vampire bride.
Zara might be surrounded by villains, some of them devilishly sexy, but they have no idea what she’s capable of...and she has no idea what secrets lurk in the shadows waiting to tear her world apart.

Elemental Mates

Elemental Mates Series

Glacier: An Alien Warrior Romance (Book 1)

He is ice cold.
Both his personality and his skin. When his icy gaze lands on me it freezes me temporarily, but the first time he touches me...
Sparks fly.
Not the romantic kind. The tattoos on his pale skin illuminate and they are brighter than the Northern Lights. And then something in his eyes changes, making him less callous, less cold.
And making me hot.
He says he needs me for something important, something monumental, but I'm not easily swayed. Even if he's gorgeous and I do need his help.
I guess we'll see if I can melt his heart before he chills me to the point of no return.

Inferno: An Alien Warrior Romance (Book 2)

I'm in an alien zoo.

The only problem is I'm the one in the exhibit.

If I thought being abducted was scary it's nothing compared to being gawked at by aliens everyday. Some of them look like they want to eat me while others look like they want to play with me.
However, there's one male who stares at me with a blazing hunger that’s as bright as his red hair. It makes me think he wants to eat me and play with me in the most sinful ways.
I don't have time for that, but it doesn't stop me from asking for his help. He agrees only if I promise to be his mate.
Yeah, whatever. I'll say and do just about anything to get back to my sister.
Can I walk away from the flames of his desire without getting burned? Or will he make me his, effectively incinerating my intentions to leave?

Obsidian: An Alien Warrior Romance (Book 3)

I'm at an alien auction.
But I'm the one being sold.
When I woke up and took in my surroundings, I knew I was in deep trouble. From the way the aliens eyed me, to the silks draped on everything, including me, it wasn't hard to believe I was in a brothel. What I didn't count on was it being upscale.
Apparently, there is a high demand for entertainment across the galaxies and humans are rare. I would think that's a good thing, but it's not. As the bidding price goes higher and higher, so does my anxiety levels. Who knows what my buyer is going to expect from me, but I can guarantee it's nothing I'd do willingly.
Until I meet Castien.
Not only does he save me, but he promises to reunite me with my friends. The only problem is that he makes no apology as he tries to seduce me. Now, all the things required of me at the brothel are coming to the forefront of my mind and it's not hard to play the part as his lover.
I just need to make sure that I'm still acting by the time we part ways or I'll belong to him. And the currency in which he buys me with won't be money this time. It will be my heart.

Tempest: An Alien Warrior Romance (Book 4)

I’m in my birthday suit, but I’m not ready to party.

When I wake up on a strange planet, my first thought is not to go streaking. Actually, it’s to find some clothes and avoid the local natives.

Too bad they find me first.
Instead of probing me like a normal alien, they make me their prized possession. Yay, right? Nope. Turns out they have intentions for me that are not conducive to my plan to live long and prosper. So I run like Forrest Gump.
And smack right into another alien.
Except this one is hot. Like fuego. However, he’s not interested in me at all. I take much umbrage and decide to seduce him to scratch an itch, as well as stay close to him so I don't die. I like sex, but I like breathing more. Just a little.
Anyway, the warrior is as welcoming as a cactus, but I can sense what he’s trying to hide and it draws me to him. Will I be able to keep from probing him emotionally without getting in too deep myself? (Sexual pun intended) Only one way to find out...

Zephyr: An Alien Warrior Romance (Book 5)

This story is about Daxis discovering he's mated to a human female. And he is not happy about it. Actually, that's an understatement.  More to come

Terra: An Alien Warrior Romance (Book 6)

Coming Soon!