Up here at Winter Snow Publishing, we have a lot of exciting projects coming up. One of which we are extremely excited to announce is our foray into Fantasy Romance. Do you like fascinating worldbuilding? Seductive fae anti-heroes? Strong-willed heroines, who aren’t afraid to fight for what they want? What about dark romance? If this is your kind of thing, you will love Tethered to the Fae: Shadows of Dusk Book 1.

High Lord Galather of the Dark Fae Court is the kind of love interest you wouldn’t want to get on the bad side of…and yet, there’s something appealing about his darkness that draws you in. Check the (unedited) excerpt below in which the heroine, Evenya, also struggles with his her lordship’s dark side…

“You think me to be a monster, do you not?”
“No, my lord.”
I raise my gaze a little. “I do not think you are one, my lord, for I know you are. It is as inherent to you as breathing is to mortals. The very air they draw into their lungs mirrors the darkness that fills your mind.”
A cruel smile upturns his lips. “Astute observation.” He stands and brushes long, slender fingers down the front of his dark tunic. “Not entirely false, either, which is why you are drawn to me. Your light seeks my darkness. Does it not?”
My voice barely leaves my lips. “Yes.”
“Yes whom?”
“Yes… my lord.” 

And now, with those beautiful words etched in your mind, here’s an exclusive artwork we had commissioned by the lovely Morgana Anagrom.

Cover reveal & preorder coming soon, with more exciting announcements!

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