Holly Oak Academy

I did something terrible but they did too... 18+ RH Romance

Year One

I did something terrible.

It’s a nasty secret, one I never want the world to find out.
But now someone knows and they want me to get revenge for them.
Ethan Remington, Josh Dedican, Hunter Cross, Nathan Cross and Lucas Georgian are my targets, and they just so happen to rule the little town of Holly.
I have to end their rule at the local academy I’ve just moved into or else my secret is out.
That cannot happen.
I’ll do whatever it takes to keep my secret safe—even if that means taking down my unlucky victims one by one.
Don’t feel sorry for them.
They did bad things too, almost as terrible as me.
I'm going to be their worst nightmare imaginable.
And the best part?
They don't get to wake up from it.
If I’m going to hell, they are coming down with me.

Welcome to Holly Oak Academy, where money talks more than education and the rich boys do very bad things. Now they’ve met their match — me — and I’m bringing them down no matter what it takes. I have to, or else I’m a goner.